About Us

The University SDA Church's historical background dates as far back as 1980 when it was started as a Branch under Mtendere Main SDA Church, with a membership of 40, who then congregated at Munali Secondary School.  It became a Company (The UNZA SDA Company) in 1983 with a membership of 51. The Company moved from Munali Secondary School to the University of Zambia's New Education Lecture Theatre (NELT).  In 1988, UNZA Company was organised into the UNZA SDA Church with a membership of 86.

Since then, the UNZA SDA Church has been congregating at the University of Zambia albeit in different Lecture Theatres and dining halls.  However, in 1996, UNZA Church suffered a blow when on one Sabbath morning, the UNZA Authorities decided to lock up the lecture theatre where the church usually congregated.  On that Sabbath the church had to worship outside on the lawn only after a lengthy negotiation with the UNZA administration.

From that time onwards, things were not as smooth as before at UNZA Church.  Despite having had to pay the University Authorities one-year in advance to congregate at their premises, it became apparent that there was no guarantee that worship services would go on smoothly.  In fact it did not take long before the Church was asked to move out of the University premises.  After re-negotiation with University authorities, the Church moved back to the University premises but this time to worship in one of the University's dining halls, where an amount of K80, 000 was paid every Sabbath and any other day set aside for meetings such as Church Business, Board, etc.

In 1995, the Church was offered a plot by the Lusaka City Council on which it intended to build a church, a pastor's house and a church hall.  Unfortunately, due to lack of finances to start building, the Church lost the plot through encroachment by squatters.  Several meetings with the City Council authorities did not bear fruit although Title Deeds had been issued to the Church.  That piece of land has since been lost completely.

Following the purchase of a plot and the consequent re-location to the site outside the UNZA grounds, the Church has since changed its name to the "University SDA Church".